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GeoZone is a free environment for building Enterprise LBS applications with the GeoBase SDK. Our valued partners have provided sample data & tutorials to help you get started quickly, as well as information on their solutions for the Enterprise.

Consultez sa doc, Creating a Mobile Project et la section Tutorials

GeoBase Mobile System Requirements

This topic describes the system requirements for the GeoBase Mobile component. Figures outlined in this topic should be taken as a guide. Required software:

  • Either Windows Mobile (2003, 2005, 2006) or Windows CE (4.2, 5.0 and 6.0)
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 or greater

Required hardware:

  • ARM Architecture Processor of 300MHz or faster. 500MHz is recommended. Little-endian setup required.
  • 64MB of user memory (RAM) is recommended
  • An external memory card is required for data and sound file storage. Required capacity is dependent on application requirements, 1GB is often sufficient.


chartcross.co.uk : Mobile Software Solutions

GPS Test

Pour tester la réception de votre GPS sur votre PDA, le soft GPS Test V1.04

maps-gps-info.com : Free GPS Software - An Up-to-Date List

  • Free GPS Software for Windows desktop and notebook operating systems
  • Free GPS Software for Windows Mobile
  • Free GPS Software for Windows CE


MyGPS_PDA is a light MyGPS version for PocketPC systems. It reads the NMEA sentences coming from a GPS antenna connected to the PocketPC and shows your position on a MyGPS calibrated map. The program can also store on a file the track log together with specific waypoints created by the user. MyGPS_PDA requires the Ewe VM installed on the PocketPC.

  • Fonctionne sur NET.framework 2.0, mais impossible de faire une quelconque saisie


  • Fonctionne sur NET.framework 2.0, attention, s'il ne se lance pas c'est qu'il est déjà lancé en fond, et donc accessible depuis le petit logo sur la page d'accueil du WM
  • Permet d'envoyer les traces (longitude, latitude, temps) à cycle régulier à destination d'une URL personnalisable

freewarepocketpc.net : Freeware for Pocket PC. Free Windows Mobile Pocket PC / PPC downloads.

gps freeware downloads for Windows Mobile Pocket PC sur freewarepocketpc.net

BikeTrack v0.81 : this application enables everybody (who got your user/pass) look up your location on the net, using your the page http://fiets.galway.nl/ and keeps track of you.

  • Fonctionne sur NET.framework 2.0
  • Se connecte bien au GPS pour acquérir la position, avant d'utiliser le réseau pour envoyer sa position, visible sur une carte Google.

Geo Track v3.00 : A very good software for real time location tracking and location tagging without the need for GPS

  • Fonctionne sur NET.framework 2.0

GPS Tracka : Uses the GPS receiver on your Windows Mobile phone to log your coordinates to a log file at regular intervals.

  • ???

NaviComputer v0.50 : NaviComputer is software to handle Offline GPS Maps on windows mobile

  • Nécessite NET.framework 3.5

Marathon : Marathon is a Windows Mobile application which keeps track of your movement with the help of a GPS-receiver. Its the perfect companion for sporting activates such as running, skiing or ice skating.

  • Nécessite NET.framework 3.5

SmartphoneTracker : Personal tracking and anti-thief application.

  • Fonctionne sur NET.framework 2.0

trackr! : trackr! is windows mobile GPS tracking application

  • Fonctionne sur NET.framework 2.0

Trailcompanion v1.98 : Software to track your way while trekking

  • Nécessite NET.framework 3.5


GPS.NET 3.0 : GPS Framework for .NET

GeoFramework 2.0 : Geographic Framework for .NET

GPSTracka : GPS Logging Application for Windows Mobile

A lightweight GPS logging application for Windows Mobile 6. Logs to a GPX or KML file which can then be used to geotag your photos or imported into other applications.

Created using C#, .NET Compact Framework and the Windows Mobile 6 SDK.

GPS Tracker for Windows Mobile : GPS Tracker is application for GPS data visualization using Virtual Earth. For data exchange we use GPX file format .

Client is PDA running Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. Client collects GPS coordinates using internal or external GPS module. GPS data can be send to server using Web Services or upload as text file from web front-end.


  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0
  • GPSApi
  • Web Services
  • GPX